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Let’s talk about CBD!

CBD or cannabidiol is one of two very popular chemicals produced by the cannabis plant. It’s not the stuff that makes you high, and it’s not illegal. It’s used strictly for medical purposes and is known to help millions of people all around the world, commonly addressing anxiety, insomnia or loss of sleep, many different types of chronic pain, cancer, PTSD and more. CBD is non psychoactive, meaning it has no effect on how the brain functions, such as the effects you see with THC, or even caffeine, so you can forget about feeling dazed after using CBD, and you definitely won’t be getting the munchies either.

Constant research is being done about CBD and its health benefits and doctors and scientists all around the world are doing their best to promote its use, which sometimes has a better effect than basic pharmaceutical medications.

It is advised to get your doctor’s opinion before trying out CBD products and get their opinion on how it can be of help to you.

CBD can be used in numerous ways, most commonly being ingested as an oil, which is either dripped straight into the mouth with a dripper, or mixed with foods or drinks, however, you can also find it in other forms, such as massage oils, creams, infused drinks, gummies and more.

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