Kilo - Kiberry Yogurt  100ML

Kilo - Kiberry Yogurt 100ML

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This masterful combination of kiwi and ripe fresh strawberries, topped with delicious tart yogurt, creates a very refreshing and incredible vaping experience for everyone to try!

Shake and Vape nicotine ratios
The bottle contains 70% VG and is filled with 100ml of flavour with a higher concentrate ratio than the normal 10ml bottles. There is precisely 20ml left in the 120ml bottle with two nicotine booster. To achieve the optimal blend ratio, add a 20ml nicotine booster;

For 3mg nicotine strength, add 20ml of 18mg nicotine booster.

For 1.5mg nicotine strength, add 10ml of 18mg nicotine booster.