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Mary Jane

Mary Jane - Pre Rolled Joint

Mary Jane - Pre Rolled Joint

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A CBD flower is a dried flower of mature Cannabis sativa plants that contain a low amount of THC. Unlike marijuana with low CBD and high THC, CBD flower has high CBD and low THC. Because of the THC level, marijuana is not legal in many countries including Europe, but on the other hand, CBD is legal because of its low THC level.


✔ 1g of CBD-rich hemp flowers
✔ Less than 0,2% of THC

-Babushka Kush - Creamy, fresh and orange aroma

-Jane`s Skunk - Mixture of sweet and fruity

-Simba`s Paradise - Mix of earthy musk and sweet mango

-MJ Bubble - Earthy odor with a sweet citrus flavour

-Momo Skunk - Fruity, slightly bubble gum and also a little bit floral

-Jake`s Haze - Musky with sweet undertones

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