Strawberry Raspberry Blueberry Punx  concentrate

Strawberry Raspberry Blueberry Punx concentrate

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A mix of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries

Succumb to the expertise of the cooks at Riot Squad, with this Strawberry Raspberry Blueberry aroma, a real concentrate of flavors that will sometimes remind you of strawberry, sometimes raspberry or even blueberry. So many tastes that will mix in a fruity torrent!

With sweet accents, but also a tangy side specific to certain components of this aroma, you will be immersed in a summer tasting of red fruits. A regressive and terribly well mastered aroma for lovers of simple pleasures!

An aroma of red fruits to lick your lips!

In the Concentrate Strawberry Raspberry Blueberry by Riot Squad, there are all the favorite fruits of lovers of sweet and tangy little red berries!

On the menu, therefore, incredibly juicy strawberries and blueberries, with their welcome hints of acidity. Next to them, intensely fragrant raspberries.

Your palate will sparkle with sweetness thanks to this delectable trio!

Strawberry Raspberry Blueberry Riot Squad dosage

This product is a concentrate of aromas. It does not vaporize as is, it dilutes with a neutral base. The Strawberry Raspberry Blueberry aroma must imperatively be diluted in a PG / VG base, and precisely dosed in milliliters or drop by drop, according to a percentage of the volume of e-liquid to be designed.
To make an electronic cigarette liquid with the DIY Strawberry Raspberry Blueberry flavor , it is advisable to mix:

  • 15% concentrate in a 50/50 PG / VG base

Once measured, mix your preparation for a few minutes to dilute the aroma evenly. Do not hesitate to mix your mixture several times a day, the result will be even better.