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Yeti - Grape Ice

Yeti - Grape Ice

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In addition to shake and vapes, Yeti now also has nic salt e-liquids.

The Grape Ice e-liquid has the taste of juicy grape in combination with cooling menthol.

Available in 20mg nicotine.

Over Nic Salts

A Nic Salt e-liquid has a nicotine base that is extracted directly from tobacco leaves and is therefore usually experienced as softer than the normal freebase nicotine. This nicotine also enters the bloodstream faster and therefore gives a more effective effect and longer satisfaction.

Nicotine Salt also has less influence on the overall taste of the liquid and you need a less powerful e-cigarette (non-sub-ohm) for it. So high resistors (above 1.0 ohms) and few wattages are no problem. Nic Salt liquids are therefore especially suitable for use in POD systems.

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