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Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady- Watermelon Slices -30ml Concentrate

Dinner Lady- Watermelon Slices -30ml Concentrate

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Savor the star fruit of summer with the Watermelon Slices Concentrate and its delicious tangy and sweet watermelon candies.

The Watermelon Slices concentrate reveals a tasty recipe made from the cult fruit of summer: watermelon. This time, find this iconic fruit in the form of delicate, tenderly sweet and tangy candies. For even more sweetness, you will appreciate the Sweet Fruits concentrate .

Important :  this aroma must be diluted in a PG / VG base. It cannot be used as is.

What dosage for my Dinner Lady aroma?

To make your homemade Dinner Lady liquid, you will need to adjust the dosage of your aroma according to your tastes and the level of PG / VG of the base you use.

For this concentrate, we recommend a dosage of:

  • 9% flavor for a 70/30 base
  • 11% flavor for a 50/50 base
  • 17% aroma for a VG base only

Do not hesitate to consult our DIY calculator! Once you have found the right recipe, write it down carefully if you wish to repeat it.

Steep time for my DIY e-liquid

The maturation stage (also called steep) is essential when creating your DIY. It is this resting time that will give all the flavors to your preparation, because the aroma needs to diffuse in order to reveal itself in taste.

Here are some indications concerning the steep time:

  • Allow 2 or 3 days for a fruity aroma in mono-aroma
  • Allow 15 and 20 days minimum for a classic or gourmet aroma
  • Allow between 7 and 15 days minimum for a complex aroma (with multiple flavors)

For optimal tasting, remember to shake your preparation regularly before use.

Keep your DIY optimally

In order to preserve your DIY Dinner Lady e-liquid, we advise you to keep it in a dry place and not exposed to light. Make sure the temperature is around 18 ° C, and watch the BBD so as not to lose flavor.

Remember to close the cap of your bottle after each use. By following all these little tips, your DIY should be doing well.

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