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Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape-Pinkman ice-30ml-Concentrate

Vampire Vape-Pinkman ice-30ml-Concentrate

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Vampire Vape - Pinkman Ice Aroma 30ml

The Vampire Vape Vamp Toes Aroma ist a rather delicious mix of fruity flavours. Various red fruits come together to form a lovely boquet of fruit flavours, such as raspberry, strawberry and red currant.

Heisenberg aroma of vampire vape the ultimate taste

The legendary Heisenberg flavor now also in concentrated form as a Heisenberg flavor for self-mixing. After the Heisenberg-Liquid has already hit a tastebomb and is celebrated enthusiastically all over the world, Vampire Vape starts the second round with the Heisenberg flavor. With this fabric, you will find yourself at Walter White in search of the right recipe for the perfect taste. The teacher from the Breaking Bad® series creates an absolutely high-quality Crystal Meth, which soon leads to a feared drugboss.

Of course, he does not tell anyone the exact ingredients for his ingenious product, so the recipe is also a kind of life insurance. Vampire Vape uses this secret in an original way for its Heisenberg aroma, because here too, the ingredients are not betrayed. The steamers are reserved to guess the ingredients. The blue color and the fruity taste suggest a mix of blue berries, the steam unfolds a true firework of aniseed, liquorice and absinthe aromas.

Even if the opinions of the users to the individual ingredients are different, the taste are all agreed. The aroma is super delicious and absolutely refreshing. So that you can inspire your friends with your own "secret recipe", the Heisenberg flavor is the perfect foundation for your self-mixed premium liquid. You can not really get high from the aroma, but it will definitely lead you into a whole new steam dimension.

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