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Frumist- Salted Caramel Coffee Concentrate-30ml

Frumist- Salted Caramel Coffee Concentrate-30ml

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Frumist Salted Caramel Coffee

The range of the renowned manufacturer of e-liquids  Frumist  comes to offer you its optimized formulas and a taste as successful as you could never have imagined before, now in aroma format  . The Frumist  Dessert Series  are characterized by their  sweet  and sweet undertones worthy of the best of desserts, ideal for that moment of the day when you most crave a sweet. The Lightly roasted coffee enhanced with a salted caramel syrup aroma  offers a unique coffee flavor , filled with a smooth caramel cream and covered in a thin layer of syrup . A delicious combination perfect for the sweetest palates. 

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